Windows 7 Sucking in Multiples of Seven

microsoft_peeAs an Apple enthusiast it sucks more than usual to have to buy an additional Windows machine every two years, just to play MMO’s, while the Macs keep going and going long beyond their life expectancy. Now more than ever game developers like NCSoft, and Turbine and need to release OSX versions of their Betas and new games at the same time as the Windows versions. (Not 2 or 4 years later like WoW, Lineage and City of Heroes.) All of these companies, and Apple included could only benefit from embracing the Mac user community who have been shafted for years out of online gaming.

Looking around the web today turns up several articles and forums where new haters are emerging for Windows 7. Although Microsoft would like to portray the latest OS as an improvement on Vista, benchmarks being done are proving to be not much faster than Vista was. 7 is said to benefit from lower memory usage, but it isn’t making a tangible difference. The design of Windows 7 is yet another not so cheap knock off of Mac OS X. Windows 7 might boot a few seconds faster than Vista, but it is proving to still be slower compared to Mac OS X and Linux on both boot times and shut down times. Windows 7 takes at least a minute to shut down, which is very annoying when you need to get up and go, especially on a laptop when you literally need to leave in a hurry. If your dog needs to take a leak, or your table is ready, you can’t really say “Wait for Windows”.

Even with 7, Windows still continues to be the most user unfriendly OS going. One of the biggest complaints with Windows Vista was all the hardware incompatibilities. Printers, scanners, network cards, and other peripherals that didn’t work with Vista won’t work in Windows 7, due to the same driver model being used as Windows Vista had.  Even though some may say that with diligent tweaking, you can customize 7, most users don’t have the patience for it and never have.

The fairly well respected gadget website Gizmodo has put out an article of Seven Things They Hate About 7. The topics being ; Can’t Pin What We Want to Taskbar,  No Upgrade Install From XP to Windows 7, Ejecting Devices Requires Too Many Clicks, Most Desktop Gadgets Suck,  Windows Media Player Blows, Sleep and Hibernation Are Still Crapshoots, Control Panel Is a Mess. My research today is showing up more like 17 things that suck about 7.

There is also the strange phenomenon, of which we have also partaken of here on our three Windows machines. Which is downgrading to XP. Not only home users but also some IT departments never liked Vista either. Frequently you’ll even see new computers being sold with XP.

The new interface is a awkward. Networking is difficult to get to. The old ‘network connections’ folder may be hard to find. Problems with the network card and needing to restart it to get it working again have been reported. Hardware driver support  for Windows 7 may take some time to get with the program – or not at all.

Early adopters always take a hit. But the same problems with Windows continue even though 7 was supposed to be the resolution for the mess that Vista was. When you take into account all the forced compliance issues with Vista and now 7 it does make you wonder if Microsoft has a hand in selling hardware like wireless cards, printers and scanners. In the past Microsoft has done many shady things like being sued for monopolies, paying for good press, bench mark fraud, and flooding the internet with so called “reviews” written by employees.

Judging from their past, one has to be curious about some of the rebuttals to the Gizmodo article and wonder if  they weren’t written just by fanboys. Then there is this article “Microsoft Lies and Lies…”.

When reviewing gadgets I’m often compelled to say that you get what you pay for. Ever since the Dirty Operating System came to be, PC users have been plagued by the multifarious machinations of Microsoft.

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