Cooking Mama 3 DS Review

cookingmama3Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop is just as much fun as the first two games. You can practice, cook with Mama or compete. It has a new Shopping mode as well. There are mini games which are silly like the capering crustaceans that you have to catch. Though there isn’t enough content in the Shopping to make it imperative to go out  and get it if you all ready own the first two.

There is a wide range of recipes  with different degrees of difficulty from marsh mellows to more complex meals. You can expect to do things like peel boiled tomatoes, before your hand gets burned and keep food from burning on sticks. The kitchen disasters are funnier and just as rewarding as winning. You grind beans, extrude pastes, whip, chop and stir. Game play is mainly about following all the steps and getting the recipe correct. Mama has a few new lines to say in her endearing broken English.
But not enough has changed. The backgrounds are still the same as before with the same drab color choices and appliances. There should be more to do with the clothing and kitchen decor. There could be so much more content here, it feels like Mama is witholding the love and being stingy.

Cooking Mama 3 has the new shopping part of the game. When Mama gives you a list of items to pick up at the grocery store you’ll get a mini game. There are a variety of them. You may encounter falling veggies, flipping fish, a potato chip purchase and others. They begin in a 2D puzzle inside a crowded store. While in there you need to find the items without depleting the hearts that represent lives. The shopping adds a whole new dimension to the game and it is lots of fun. Too bad there isn’t more of it. Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop has Mulitplayer. You can now use the DS’s Wi-Fi connection play with up to four people. Enter a race to cook the fastest in battles to crack eggs, catch the most toast, or fry the most fish. I give Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop 7 stir fried shrimp out of 10.

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