Unusual Satellite Photo of Old Cemetery


About twenty five years ago I lived on a hilltop in Connecticut near an old cemetery. There were so many areas that were allegedly haunted at that time, it seemed a matter of course, and I didn’t pay it much particular attention. The spirits, if they lived there too, never bothered me directly. Of course I had put all the typical Wiccan protections in place. If anything was there that could be warded off, then perhaps it worked.

Behind this large hillside home was an enormous oak tree which had been hit by lightening. One side of it had been burned to black charcoal. The tree top lay beside it making the torched side into something of a shelter. Time, or hikers, had hollowed out the soft charcoal from the tree, and a three foot circular space hidden inside the tree was a fine place for shamanic meditations, for those agile enough to fit inside.

Nearby through those woods was a stream, and a seventeenth century cemetery. The head stones spanned the plateau of the hill. There was no fence or gate, no church, and I still have not found a name for this cemetery.
One day, while curious about weather patterns I swung the satellite map over to the west. Eventually, playing around with the zooming feature of the map, I took a look at some old hiking spots, to see if they had been bulldozed or built on. One of them was this old No Name cemetery.
When I zoomed on that with the weather map I got a surprise. You could see the outlines of the graves from the satellite photos. Beneath the ground ridges, or bumps in six foot rectangular patterns were apparent. They look as you would expect, in regular order throughout most of the cemetery’s plot of land.
However one corner of the cemetery looks very unusual to me on the satellite photo. The graves had been dug and buried one on top of the other. As if they had reused the same burial plots over and over, parking coffins, or dug graves on top of one and other. Were these all family plots that were filled up to overflowing during a plague of disease, or war? I may not ever find out. Who knows, but it might be interesting to keep looking into it.

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