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Zombie Geek Woman Speaks


The end of Summer makes me remember the good old days of gaming. Mainly I think of long hot summer afternoons playing NCSoft MMORPG’s on a malfunctioning old Dell laptop that gave off heat like a red hot Hell portal. I remember the original Guild Wars, and spending many many air conditioned hours indoors playing […]

Advertising And Marketing On


This is not a fake corporate site. It is a personal blog operated by one person. Me. If you doubt I am real what corporation would use the bad language I do in these candy – ass politically correct times? See, I just did it again right there. Those who have Poker, Whores, Porno and […]

Gaming Goes on Vacation

Is it just me or has this summer been very dull for new games? Every year I mention what types of games would be good for summer, and we don’t see them. There has been nothing of interest to me on PS3 for at least a month now. Not only that but the update for […]

Geek, Sedentary, and Nearly Dead


Another unhealthy facet of geek culture has just snuck up on me. Everyone is talking about that documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Tis the season of getting outside and taking in some rays. Well, it is for some people. For me there was a division between indoor years and outdoor years. Transitions, life changes, […]

The Cure for Bullies Equals Math : How Did I Survive First Grade


Bullying is a dark and painful part of geek culture. I related to Aisha Tyler who spoke out as a bullying survivor yesterday on The Talk. I hear you sista! Lately many people are sharing about bullying. It occurs to me that my stories about being persecuted as a child might have some relevance to […]

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