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Stardom and Stardom: Hollywood ios Game Apps Review – The Problem with Addison


Who could have thought that rummaging through the trash would bring you fame? For a long time The Sims Freeplay was the game that I loved to hate. I got several reviews out of that game, and I was proud of how long I played it without ever giving in to the constant ploys to […]

Dark Legends iPad Game Review


Dark Legends is an iOS MMORPG of sorts with vampires. It has both multiplayer and solo game play modes. The story line unfolds as you hop from one spot to the next along a game map. Some of the spots will reveal a bit more about the character and the enemies. Others will play a […]

The Sims Freeplay Game App iPad Review


I never played any of the Sims games. You wouldn’t expect that I’d have missed the whole franchise, one of the most popular ever. I avoided it purposely. With the intention of finding better games, and being too cheap to invest in it. But now it is free. The Sims Freeplay has infested my iPads. […]

Fairway Solitaire HD iPad Game App Review

I never expected to play a solitaire game. But one finally got me. I don’t know if it was the gophers? I usually stay well away from cartoonish looking characters such as the famously out of temper birds. So when I came across this latest offering from Big Fish on the App Store, I don’t […]

Boycott Infinity Blade 2

Under the topic of Fail, I was all set to play the new Infinity Blade 2 update content to review today. But now I find out that I won’t be. In fact I suggest that my readers Boycott Infinity Blade 2. In a handy way to alienate fans of IB2, the multiplayer and new features […]

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